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With the expansion of outdoor learning and forest school in education it is essential to have the space to facilitate this. A tepee provides a space to help youngsters connect with the great outdoors. The wooden poles and the canvas helps create a peaceful environment that is perfect for meditation, forest school or just to connect the outdoors.

Our Tepee's have been tested and proven in the event’s industry. Our manufacturer’s tepees have been used in permanent installations nationwide. Durable and built to withstand the worst of the British Weather they can be used all year round.

Canvas is made from a blend of cotton and synthetic fibre, that is water repellent yet breathable. In addition to these characteristics, the canvas is also flame retardant. The fabric meets BS 7837, DIN 4102 B2 and NF 92-503 class:M1 standards.

Poles are made from slow growing Scandinavian timber which is also supplied to the ladder industry due to their straightness and dependability, where they conform to BS1129 – the most stringent industrial class in the access sector.

Baby Tepee

The Baby Tepee is the most popular tepee size, for not only for garden use, but also as an outdoor classroom. Perfect for small groups of up to 15 children to engage in forest school, mindfulness and outdoor learning spaces. Built on a wooden floor and with a ramp for access the tepee can be used all through the year.

Diameter - 6.5m

Area Covered - 37.5 sqm

Total Height Including Base - 4.65m

Number of Sitting - 15

Number of Standing - 20

Midi Tepee

Larger than a baby tepee the mid tepee is suitable for larger classrooms and groups of up to 40 children. Built on a wooden floor and with a ramp for access the tepee can be used all through the year.

Diameter - 8.4m

Area Covered - 55 sqm

Total Height Including Base - 6.45m

Number of Sitting - 30

Number of Standing - 40

If you interested in having a Tepee in Your School get in touch today at or 01630 653 333

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