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Create a Tepee Formation That Suits Your Needs

Not every business is the same and neither does every Tepee set up. The great things about Giant Tepees is they are module units that can be connected together to create large formations.

For many pubs and businesses a single giant tepee is suitable for their needs. With a diameter of 10.3m and seating for up to 72 a giant tepee provides plenty of space. The diagram below is a suggested layout for a pub looking to create some extra space for seating. In the centre is a firepit to create a feature for people to gather around.

For those looking to create more space we can link a second tepee to this formation. The second tepee can either house a bar or more seating as in the diagram below.

The great thing about tepees is we can the lift to canvas to create unique formations. We can add extension panels to create more space for a bar or further seating as below.

If you interested in having a Tepee Formation for your business get in touch today at or 01630 653 333

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