Tepees For Business 

Designed for the demands of the event's industry our tepees have been used for pop up events for years. They are also used all over the country as permanent structures for business use. From wedding venues to pubs, tepees have been used to create spectacular venues. 

Create More Space

For any pub or restaurant you are limited to the amount of space you have within the walls of your establishment. In the summer time there is always the beer garden for extra patrons to enjoy but who wants to sit outside in the British Winter? A tepee or a tepee formation can increase your floor space.Some venues even place a second bar within the tepees to effectively create a second pub allowing them to serve more customers therefore increasing revenue.  

Holding Events

A tepee or tepee formation gives you space to hold great events throughout the year to increase footfall for your business. With the increased space from your own tepee you will be hold events from Oktoberfest, Christmas parties, New Years Eve, etc, alongside your current service. The increased space will allow you to host corporate events, private parties, food & drink festivals, and even Weddings if you choose.

Stand out from the Crowd

All over the country businesses are using marquees to increase their floor space. But why not come away from the out dated looked of a white steel framed marquee. Leave the white perspex box behind. Stronger than marquees in the wind, tepees are the better option not only from a practical aspect but aesthetically too..Tepees  look amazing with fairy lights on all the poles and create an appealing.atmosphere that will draw customers to your venue.

Installation Service 

Included in your quote is a full installation service. We will build the tepees on a raised deck platform designed to accommodate your tepee formation. Raised off the ground on a timber floor stops water flowing in from underneath keeping the floor dry within. We can install the tepee on a permanent basis, or we also offer a short term installation service if you wanted the tepees up for the winter but to be taken down for the summer so that you can utilise your beer garden.  

A Unique Formation

Not every business is the same and neither does every Tepee set up. Tepees are modular structures allowing them to be seamlessly interlinked together to create an event space large enough for your needs, available land or budget. This means you can get really creative with your formation while vastly increasing your outdoor shelter capacity.



Giant Tepee Floor .jpg

For many pubs and businesses a single giant tepee is suitable for their needs. With a diameter of 10.3m and seating for up to 72 a giant tepee provides plenty of space. The diagram below is a suggested layout for a pub looking to create some extra space for seating. In the centre is a firepit to create a feature for people to gather around.

Two Giant Tepee.jpg

The great thing about tepees is we can the lift to canvas to create unique formations. We can add extension panels to create more space for a bar or further seating. We can create an impressive entrance by entering the tepees where they are linked together.

For those looking to create more space we can link a second tepee to this formation. The second tepee can either house a bar or more seating. Adding a bar could effectively give you a second pub operating in your beer garden. 

Floor for Giant with raised front.jpg