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Why Hire When You Can Buy?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Many businesses in the hospitality industry are putting up semi permanent structures not only to apply with government guidelines but also to increase the floor space they have available.

Our giant tepee's have a diameter of 10.3m and with the ability to link multiple tepees together you can dramatically increase your floor space. With two tepee's linked together you can effectively create a second pub outside in your beer garden this winter. With wooden poles, twinkling fairy lights and the canvas creates a magical atmosphere that is hard to beat. It is easy to understand why pubes and restaurants across the country are hiring from tepees on a long term basis. But why hire when you can buy your own tepee?

The cost of a long term hire of a tepee can quickly add up. With a matter of months it can be more expensive than buying a tepee. It soon makes economic sense to invest in your own tepee that can be reinstalled every winter

With a harden wooden floor our tepees are suitable for long term installations. They do not need to be a temporary solution when they can be a permanent feature to bring customers in to your beer garden. During the summer months the canvas can be removed to allow your customers to bask in the best of the summer weather. The tepee's wooden floor can revert to a deck with the tepee poles covered in fairy lights makes a stunning feature. As the seasons change and the cool nights draw in the canvas can be reinstalled for the winter.

Get in touch to discuss how a tepee can be installed at your business and the long term benefits of owning your own Tepee.

If you interested in having a Tepee for your Business get in touch today at or 01630 653 333

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