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Inspiration of what to use your Garden Tepee For

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Our garden tepees are a versatile structure and offer a range of possibilities for your garden. Here are few suggestions.

Tepee Garden Summer House

Create you own relaxing space at the bottom of the garden. With the rustic timber poles, twinkling of fairy lights and the warmth of the canvas a tepee summer house can offer a tranquil refuge away from the world.

Tepee Garden Playroom

With a tepee at the bottom of the garden children can play in their own space. Decorate as a princess castle, pirate's lair or whatever magical world your children dream of.

Tepee Garden Games Room

As your children get older the more they want their own space. A garden tepee provides the perfect games room. Large enough for a pool table or add some sofas and create a space where teenagers can hang out with their friends.

Tepee Garden Pub

Imagine having a pub at the bottom of the garden where you can entertain family and friends. There is always an excuse for a great party. Whether it is a birthday party, new year celebration or just for the fun of it a garden tepee provides you with the perfect venue to get together and celebrate.

Tepee Garden Office

Just thinking of leaving house and making the daily commute across your garden to your very own tepee tent. At the end of the day you can leave work behind in the garden. No more feeling trapped in the same four walls all day long.

Tepee Garden Cinema

Install a large screen tv, speakers for surround sound and some comfy chairs and host your own film nights in your tepee.

If you interested in having your own Tepee in your Garden get in touch today at or 01630 653 333

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