Garden Tepee Options

Customise Your Garden Tepee

At Garden Tepee we have a range of options for you to consider. All of our Tepees include wooden flooring and fairy lights but there is still a range of options for you to consider. The first thing to consider is the size of Tepee. We have four different sized structures for you to choose from.

Choice of Colours 

We have two different colours of tepee canvas to choose from. Choose either our Traditional Tan Canvas or for sites where the tepees are to blend into the surroundings our Khaki Canvas.

Traditional Tan Canvas

The Tipi Company - 6.5m tipi with porch.

Khaki Canvas

Choice of Entrances  

We have two different doorways into your garden tepee. All of our tepees come with a porch but we offer a choice of doors.

Canvas Door 


Wooden Doors 

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