Giant Tepee

The Giant Tepee is our largest tepee. It is used in the event's industry for weddings, parties and corporate events. On its own a giant tepee creates a large space that can sit up to 72 people inside. Where the giant tepee comes into its own is when it is linked together with other tepees to create huge tepee formations for hundreds of guests. 

The giant tepee is ideal for businesses looking to increase their floor space. We have even install standalone giant tepees in gardens for those looking to create a large unique space to entertain.


Built from the best materials on the market our tepees are manufactured here in the UK. Made for durable, waterproof and fire retardant fabric not only have our tepees been tested in the harshest of conditions they have proven to stand up to the demands of the event's industry.

All of our long term tepee installations are installed on a wooden floor, providing a firm base and allowing them to be used all year round. All tepees come with a porch entrance with inbuilt zip canvas door as standard to allow you to keep the weather out.


  • Diameter - 10.3 m

  • Area Covered - 83 sqm

  • Tepee Height -7.4m

  • Number of Standing - 80

  • Number of Sitting - 72

    Price Includes

  • Giant Tepee with Porch Entrance 

  • Timber Wooden Floor 

  • Installation 

  • Delivery  





Including VAT

Peake Styled Shoot Low Res (110).jpg

Extension Panel

Increases Floor Space 

Either Panoramic Window or Blank Canvas



Fairy Lights

Strand of Fairy Lights Down 9 The Poles

Connection Ring 

Power Input


oast house.jpg

Wooden Doors

Wooden Door Entrance 


Including VAT

Including VAT

Including VAT