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Bringing Event Tepees to Your Garden

Inspired by the Nomadic tribes of the Great Plains of America and the Sami people of Northern Scandinavia, our tepees have been used in the event industry to provide fantastic venues for weddings, parties and festivals. Now bring the event industry to your garden with Garden Tepees.


Built from the best materials on the market our tepees are manufactured here in the UK. Made for durable, waterproof and fire retardant fabric not only have our tepees been tested in the harshest of conditions they have proven to stand up to the demands of the event's industry.

All of our long term tepee installations are installed on a wooden floor, providing a firm base and allowing them to be used all year round. All tepees come with a porch entrance with inbuilt zip canvas door as standard to allow you to keep the weather out.

The Possibilities 

    Key Features


  • Made from fabric that is water repellent, flame-retardant and strong – something that has been tried and tested out in the field in the harshest of weather conditions

  • The poles used in our tepees are also supplied to the ladder industry due to their straightness and dependability, where they conform to BS1129 – the most stringent industrial class in the access sector

  • Built on timber floor so can be used all year round.

  • Can be installed on grass or hard standing surfaces.

  • With fairy lights wrapped around the poles our tepees create a magical atmosphere 

  • All Tepees are installed by our professional tepee installation team.

  •  Made in Britain

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